and the Bright Future…

The Backstory

Where it all began

Free Music Video Maker and Photo Editor Apps Inc was founded by two undergraduate students and one Supreme Court clerk. One day, after a late night of working, Yaron (future CTO) said to Sohag (future CEO): “You know, if we invested all this hard work and time into an actual product, we could be millionaires by now.”

The seed was planted and Free Music Video Maker and Photo Editor Apps Inc was born a few months later, in 2020.

Our Founders: Sohag Kumar Biswas, Ismail Hossain, Israt Ara, Tahmid Hasan, Sohel Taj, Shamim Osman

Our Goal

We’re on a mission to create fun and powerful tools that reimagine the way content is created all over the world.

We empower aspiring artists, everyday individuals, and businesses with the best possible tools to unlock their creativity and create content that their audience connects with. Whether you need to edit photos, video, sound, a portrait, a post or ad for social media - we have the most intuitive, brilliant tools for the best possible results.






Tools & Features